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Truck & Trailer Tracking

In today’s challenging economic climate, it is critically important for businesses of all types to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and to protect their valuable assets.

With large internal, rechargeable batteries our systems are specifically designed for use on assets that may be left unattended for long periods of time. Supplied in a ruggedized IP67 water-resistant and dust-proof casing makes our devices suitable for use on assets that are exposed to harsh conditions.

Our products are completely designed, produced and manufactured in the UK. Our solutions offer a unique combination of long battery life, functionality, reliability and quality – at a very competitive price.


  • Know where your asset is at all times
  • Aid in fleet management
  • Help recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Potential reduction in operating costs

Prices From

  • £399 – Fitted
  • £12 per month connection
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